I'm not quite ready to go to my new home.

Hi! My Name Is Squinty

I'm in the Recovery Room - I'll Be Available Soon

I was alerted to a cat we THINK is a male, and we KNOW needs help. We think it might be blind or have eye sight that is severely compromised either due to genetics or an untreated illness. He is in a relatively safe place for a feral cat and he has people feed him and is quite fat for an outdoor cat. He also has a friend we are quite certain is his/ her brother and they are bonded and live together outside. They are friendly enough to eat when humans are not too far, but are NOT socialized to be able to adopt out. We would like to take this big guy in and see if any medications like antibiotics would resolve his eye issues. The only time he was able to open them was in the shade, so clearly they are VERY sensitive to light, but even then, I don't think he could register what he was looking at. He is a trooper and is able to live even in this condition however we would like to ease the situation for him by trapping him, fixing, vaccinating him and provide medication that MIGHT help his eyes. If you would like to help us with Squinty by donating, it would be very much appreciated. We can not do anything with him before we fundraise the $ as we are already overloaded with other cases that will be draining our accounts. Please consider donations, and if that is not an option, sharing is also VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! AND THANK YOU !! 

  • Baby (0 - 8 Months)
  • New York
  • Keeps To Self | Can Be Timid
  • No

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