I'm staying with the rescue furever!

Hi! My Name Is Inky

180 kittens is what an unfixed female can have in her lifetime. Inky had about 20+ that we know of already and some of them have not made it to live out their lives because of where she had them. We found homes for most of them but wish we didn't have to as getting her fixed earlier would solved that problem but she was too smart for her own good. She lives at a Brooklyn marina, and she is the last cat in a colony that needed to be trapped and fixed. Inky has access to the boat show room where the owner made a hole in the wall for the feral cats to have access to a warm and a dry spot with food and water HOWEVER she chose to give birth in spots that didn't end well for some of the kittens. We have been trying to catch her for close to 2 + years and FINALLY we were able to pull it off recently ,and we had the space to keep her long enough with her last kittens. This litter  of 5 was born in a dangerous spot by the water, but we think one of her kittens fell in the water and she tried to save it by bringing it to the shore, but it didn't make it... and then she brought the rest, 4 kittens, to the showroom.. it's pretty amazing..this is where we finally saw the opportunity to use her kittens to lure her into a trap. The problem in catching cats at a marina is that there is an infinite amount of food available for them after the Sea Gulls catch their fish and just drop them on the dock after taking a couple of bites.. so our food we provided, was never good enough .. but we finally succeeded. We created a smart 2 trap tunnel with covers to finally lure her in to where the kittens were and trapped her.. it was a long road, and many kittens later.. but we did it!!!! She is, as many out door cats dealing with a pretty bad upper respiratory infection, as were her kittens....she is now on antibiotics and L-Lysine and all the food she wants so we can fatten her up. She is still in quarantine and we are hoping this week she will be cleared to get fixed on Friday and FINALLY released back to her colony next week. What a journey this has been, but so worth it. Finding floating dead kittens is traumatic for all involved, and fixing this cat momma was a final step in controlling the unnecessary suffering.  To help us with her care, her spaying, medication and cats like her, please consider donating to our efforts via the link below. You can also donate via Venmo @BrooklynPawsFoundation THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. We can not do this alone. 

  • American Shorthair & Tabby
  • Female
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months)My DoB is 01/01/2020 (Estimated)
  • White
  • Keeps To Self | Can Be Timid
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Don't Like Dogs
  • I'm Litterbox Trained

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